Gig Review: Bob Log III/The Bitter Pills/Young Francis, The Hope & Ruin, Saturday 24th March 2018

One man or two man bands seem to be the new trend. Minimal members, maximum sound! One Man Punk Band (from Brighton), Young Francis, opened proceedings with his ramonesque sounds. Getting the crowd on its feet with good songs and winning wit (The Illumaniti and why there were no women present who shared the name of his songs). Bonus points for giving out tambourines so the audience could get their own Rock N Roll on! Young Francis is the perfect party starter. The Bitter Pills are a bluesy/garage duo, also from Brighton. They made a groovy din and I’m sure, I hope, we will hear more from soon.

Bob Log III, what can you say about him ? He makes a grand entrance striding through the crowd to get to the stage. Bedecked in gold with his trademark crash helmet on, he looked like a cross between a Las Vegas lounge singer and a character from The Right Stuff. Some artists are built for concerts, and Bob is in the top 1%. Playing guitar whilst crowdsurfing on a dinghy ? Yes he can! Burly men sitting on his knee whilst playing ? Yes he can! The bluesy/garage music is good and toe-tapping  but the showmanship makes it a great night. Tonight showed minimalism is the new Rock N Roll. Check out all of the bands but with Bob Log III you must see him live!


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