Gig Review: Guitar Wolf/Rotten Foxes, The Prince Albert, Friday 23rd March 2018.

Tonight’s two bands are a history of Pre ’82 Punk, its earlier brothers and sisters and Post 82 Punk. Guitar Wolf are the torch bearers of Pre 82 Punk in the absence of The Ramones playing a highly amplified Punk/RockNRoll/Garage hybrid. Rotten Foxes, a Brighton band, have a UK82/Streetpunk sound which veers towards a Hardcore sound at times. Energising the crowd they tear through their set with humour, energy and volume. Songs about wrestling, day to day life and cockney hardmen are the order of the day. Rotten Foxes won over the crowd and are worthy of your attention when they play a venue near you.

Not speaking Japanese would, you might think, be a hinderance to enjoying a band who’s songs are primarily in this language with a smattering of Punk and Rock N Roll covers. Not so! At a volume sufficient to deafen several giants, the band grooved, posed and crowdsurfed the audience into a frenzy. Energy was the order of the day from the first kerrang to the last. Rotten Foxes gave us Punk from the last forty or so years to today whilst Guitar Wolf gave us the pre-history via their Rock N Roll meets Garage assault.

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