New Pussyliquor Single – Wonder

Having seen Pussyliquor play a show where they turned up with hardly any instruments and still played the best set bar none on an All Dayer, it was with some trepidation to see how a compelling live show would translate when on record without the presentational bells and whistles. No need for concern.

Sonically, the band owes a debt (of sorts) to Kittie, the Canadian metal band of the 90s/00s as their sound is a punk sound with the muscularity of metal too plus Riot Grrl acts such as Bikini Kill. The tracks on this release are:

  • Get Out – Punk memorial to what happened last night.
  • Hurtz – A critique of heteronormative abuse.
  • Kitty Kitty – Riot Grrl goodness.
  • Pretty Good For A Girl – Metalesque.

A really strong release and worthy of your money. Waiting to hear whats next.


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