Interview: Rotten Foxes

Rotten Foxes

1. Why the name Rotten Foxes? Like a Rotten Fox we prowl the night, scavenging every city we visit searching out our next opportunity for chaos. The name chose us.

2. Describe a Rotten Foxes show to someone who’s not had the privilege yet? Electrifying mullet wizards teach you how to party. See it, feel it, believe it.

3. What are your musical influences? Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Jealous Again, The Monos, Cider Dogs. But most importantly the never ending efforts of SKiNNY MiLK and Human Leather. They are outrageously good bands.

4. Some of your songs reference actors or characters from Eastenders (Ian Beal/Danny Dyer)? Who’s your favourite character and why? To be honest we’re more Hollyoaks dudes than anything else. We only play songs about these characters as for some reason Eastenders is more popular than the far superior Hollyoaks and we can latch on to some of that sweet east end gravy train. But in all reality our favourite character is Wellard the dog.

5. You’re playing the Dirty Weekend III show in June. What other bands should we check out? On the side of Rotten Foxes we run Apocalypse Dudes Present as a way to put on all the sick bands we play with around the country. This year is the third instalment of The Dirty Weekend and we can’t wait, every single band has blown us away live and deserves full attention from everyone. Check it out at The Prince Albert, 22nd-23rd June!

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