Gig Review: Red Deer People/Squid/Night Vision, The Hope & Ruin, Thursday June 14th 2018.

Having seen Red Deer People only four weeks previously at The Sidewinder, it was a shock to hear that the band was calling it a day. They were in fine form. So tonight was the last opportunity to see one of my favourite Brighton bands of the last few years live.

First on was Night Vision. A two-piece who take their cues from Dinosaur Jr. Sonically if you love grunge inspired sounds, they are the band for you.

Following them were Squid. Bedecked in matching blue jackets they were a revelation. A five-piece with three vocalists they reference lots of left-of-centre bands, contemporary and classic, from Everything Everything through to Captain Beefheart. It’s avant-garde with a twisted pop sensibility to it. If you haven’t seen them yet, you owe it yourself to do so.

Red Deer People were on strong form for their last gig. For those who didn’t see them live or heard their records (you should), they sound like Neu! mixed with Uncle Ian and Talk Talk. They played their best songs, C’Est Bon and Free, Free, Free and finishing with their version of ‘Rebel Rebel’ and they were gone.

Tonight’s show was a coronation for Squid as they are now the new kings of avant-garde indie in Brighton as Red Deer People have vacated the throne.

Tonight your old favourite band said goodbye but your new favourite band said hello.

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