Gig Review: Starcrawler/Sit Down. The Haunt, Tuesday 19th June 2018.

On a warm Tuesday night near Brighton seafront, a half full Haunt is awaiting Sit Down, the Brighton based duo who are tonight’s openers.

Starting with Bloodlust, their live sound has embraced a more metallic groove since I saw them last at The Joker. Finishing with Cheap Luxe, the lead track from their latest EP, the drummer took centre stage and her drums were replaced with a synthetic drumbeat. It was different from the rest of the set and perhaps this song is indicative of things to come.

The venue is nearly full when Starcrawler enters. They have had a fairly substantive push since they were last in Brighton as part of 2017 Great Escape, playing at The Haunt then. Whilst in the UK to support the Foo Fighters at their Stadium of London shows this Summer they’ve also fitted in this show. They rock n roll to get their set going.

Antz/I Love L.A is a mid-set double-whammy of their two best or at least their most well-known songs, the former a glam-rock stomper and the latter a classic rock song with grungy overtones.

As part of a mini-encore, Arrow De Wilde stalks the crowd like a banshee while drinks were being thrown here and there and audience members getting (theatrical) bloody kisses too whilst the guitarist, Henri Cash continued to play whilst striding across the bar, from one end to the other.

Their LP is a good rather than great debut but live is where the band’s strengths lay as they have muscular musicianship and a front person in Arrow who channels 70s singers such as Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osborne in terms of stage presence to thrilling effect. This may well be the last time we see them at a venue as small as The Haunt in Brighton. Those of us who were here tonight won’t forget it in a hurry.

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