Gig Review: WTFUKUSHIMA!/The Voo-Dooms. The Prince Albert, Tuesday 17th July 2018.

Upstairs at The Albert was moist as Brighton toiled under the umpteenth day of humid heat and the room was rammed with punters to see a bit of history. The Cramps backstory of Fur Dixon was catnip for those in attendance and drew them here tonight. First, we had The Voo-Dooms from London.

The Voo-Dooms: Garage with a hint of rock n roll, surf and rockabilly describes their sound. Looking like they stepped out from the 60s with their striped shirts they hit the ground running. Only letting up from their groovy tunes to deliver some keen chatter and jokes. “I used to live with a gravedigger..that’s it!” It worked better live than on paper. There’s a joy and sense of fun about this band and it’s great to see and hear.

Fur Dixon was last in the UK, 32 years ago, playing bass in The Cramps. Playing guitar this time now in WTFukushima! Leading a band whose current and former bands include the Bellrays, Dream Syndicate and Sonics gives a broad indication of what we were about to hear tonight. A cool garage sound is the order of the day and it goes down a storm. With licks to spare, Fur leads the band with the audience in rapt attention between dancing and grooving.

Another great show courtesy of the Stay Sick team. The Voo-Dooms are a band to catch in a venue near you and their lp ‘Destination Doomsville’ on Trash Wax hits the streets in September. Their set tonight’s hints at a record that you’ll want to buy sooner rather than later!

Unlike last time, we will hopefully see Fur Dixon back in maybe two years or so rather than another 32!

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