Gig Review: Sylvain Sylvain, Hotel Pelirocco, Tuesday 24th July 2018.

Tuesday night at the Hotel Pelirocco was full with punks, mainly older, to pay homage to the New York Dolls, well Sylvain Sylvain, the band’s guitarist. Lager drinking and general chat about the state of punk and booking bands who can draw today helped to pass the time whilst we await Sylvain.

This date, part of a larger tour is to promote Sylvain’s book, There’s No Bones In Ice Cream, which tells his life story up to the mid-1970s. As an aside, get a copy, you won’t be disappointed. With interest in Sylvain’s appearance in Brighton being so, another gig was proposed but Sylvain said no. So the 40 or so punters here were especially lucky to be here.

Nearer Nine than Eight, Sylvain made his way to the performance area. A kiss for Jordan (From Seaford rather than the Z lister of Peter Andre fame) on the way and he was good to go.

Songs from the New York Dolls and a couple of bits of songs which influenced them were the order of the day interspersed with war stories.

A Q&A followed where questions proffered ranged from what Malcolm McClaren did or didn’t do for the New York Dolls and to more a succinct and personal, how did he survive? All questions were answered with good charm and grace and then it was over barring photos and book signings.

As the class of the 70s gets older and the last gig beckons for many of them, nights like these should be cherished as they become less and less. L-U-V xxx

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