Gig Review: Baby Shakes/Thee Sherbet Peardrop Explosion. The Prince Albert, Tuesday 31st July 2018.

Without repeating an earlier review of Baby Shakes from their April gig at The Prince Albert, Baby Shakes are power-pop all way from New York. A late notice gig, again at The Prince Albert, courtesy of Stay Sick, this is an unexpected treat. The main difference between this show and April’s is the change in support bands. 

This time we have Thee Sherbet Peardrop Explosion. Playing a garage covers based set they go down a storm. They earn bonus points for mentioning Freddie Mercury‘s tambourine, the Bellrays, and George Benson. Smooth! You had to be there! They give a succinct history of garage and some of its musical brothers and sisters and are worth a half hour of your time any day of the week. They get a pretty full room moving and grooving.

Baby Shakes are a female fronted/dominated band all the way from New York City. For Fans Of Blondie, Ramones and Ronettes is what’s often said about them. Throw in British glam rock (particularly Slade) into the mix and you’ve pretty much referenced the influences on their sound. A tight 35-minute set goes all too quickly. The closest most of the audience will get to a CBGB style blast!

Having caught them twice in the space of three months, who knows when Baby Shakes will be back in Brighton. Sooner rather than late is the cry from me. They are the reigning Power Pop Champions of NYC and Brighton!

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