Gig Review: Idles, Komedia, Monday 3rd September.

In town to promote their new released second album, Joy As An Act Of Resistance, with an in store performance at Resident Records which was upgraded to a full band gig (near enough) at the Komedia. Punters are happy and the venue can sell some more beer. Playing a mix of songs from both of their albums over an eight song set you truly get to appreciate what a great band they are musically live.

An early evening start wasn’t a hindrance to band or the audience as the band hit their stride from first song through to the last. Opportunities to catch our collective breath came when the band asked the audience what song to play next. After a half hour or so which went past too quickly, they were done and they went to proffer pens to sign records, cds and body parts.

Later in the week the album entered in the top five, a fitting reward for a band with something to say which is positive in a time where darkness and negativity appear to rule.

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