New Heathen Rose Albums: My Little Silver Notebook and HRT: Heathen Rose Two.

Two albums from Heathen Rose, a trans singer. The albums are complementary and overlapping as the breadth of material is a mixture of queercore, riot grrrl, spoken word, 80s college rock, indie, and punk. 33 tracks is a lot of material to digest from an artist that you’ve hadn’t before but within the two albums, there are tracks which stand out and are points at which to dive in.

On My Little Silver Notebook, The Green Argument for Freaks is an indie rocker which turns into a weird pop song. The Ballad of Rookery House is a rap against a music concrete backbeat.

HRT: Heathen Rose Two the best tracks are Biker Chick, Colosseum, and Matrix of a Complex Helix. The three songs are indie rockers and as such as are the easiest to listen to if your tastes are mainly rock or punk.

Of the two albums, HRT: Heathen Rose Two is the one to get if your only getting one Heathen Rose album as it has arguably the stronger tracks of the two and a better blend of punk and pop otherness. Both albums are routed in Heathen Rose’s experience as trans but there’s also time for other things like aliens. However, you should get both albums. A new talent to watch.

FFO: Daniel Johnston, PrissyLips, Placebo, Ariel Pink.

Both Heathen Rose albums are available from Bandcamp.

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