Gig Review: Cockwomble EP launch with Cockwomble and Gulls – The Pipeline, Thursday 18th October 2018

Ashamed to say this was my first time at The Pipeline but as a new(ish) addition to Brighton’s small music venue circuit (R.I.P Sticky Mikes Frog Bar) it was time to pop my cherry. Downstairs bar with a cd jukebox playing cool rock tunes boded well. The performance space upstairs is snug and intimate but just right for punk gigs.

Gulls opened proceedings. This trio has a sound which references 70/80s female bands such as Slits and Kleenex and more modern bands such as Royal Blood and White Stripes giving them a sound which is punky but with an underlying rock edge. Of their eight-song set, my favourites were Quinoa Warrior, No Altar and Flaws. Bonus points awarded for cowbell usage too.

Cockwomble were here to promote their second ep All of the money, None of the style. Having now released two eps in the space of three months they are putting out material at a pace more akin to the 70s and 80s rather than the 2010s. Sonically reminiscent of UK82 punk bands with the odd track going more into Ramones territory their sound is punk and as with all good punk bands they have the establishment and its hypocrisies in their sights.

The track All of the money, None of the style opened their set in fine style and tracks from their first ep feature also. Personal favourites from the set are Henchman and Sex, Lies and Videotape.

With the band already back in the studio, release number three can’t be too far away but make sure you get your hands on the first two eps now. Both bands are tight live and you need to see them in smaller venues like The Pipeline whilst you can as I’m sure bigger and better things await them both!

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