Gig Review: NOBUNNY/The Damn Shebang/Slushy/Young Francis – The Hope & Ruin, Monday 17th September 2018

An unseasonal warm Monday in September and the aircon is on full blast upstairs in the Hope & Ruin to keep the punters cool. An early 7.45pm start and first on is Young Francis.

One Man Punk Band Young Francis is Brighton’s own party starter. Often found as the opening act at gigs around the city he is the perfect mix of power pop and garage/punk. Ramones in microcosm if you will. As is tradition he ends the set with the audience playing along with instruments he brought. If you haven’t seen him, you need to rectify this omission!

Followed by Slushy. Harmonic garage with flourishes. Ending to the strains of Guns N Roses Sweet Child Mine was baffling but fun.

Next up is The Damn Shebang. Brighton based rockers who made a satisfying crunchy din. Favourite track was the one about goths on the beach. Ones to watch.

Our headliners are NOBUNNY. Hidden in bunny masks and furry ears, NOBUNNY get the crowd dancing and moving. A surreal experience but having seen a man play the same venue earlier in the year in a shiny gold suit and a crash helmet, it comes with the territory, I guess!

Young Francis and The Damn Shebang more than held their own and to my ears were the acts I enjoyed the most on this bill and would want to see live again.

Another great and packed bill courtesy of the Stay Sick team. A good mix of Brighton based and touring bands. Also, a bill of four bands when many nights nowadays crap out at one support act and a headliner is to be applauded. More of the same, please.

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