New Estrons Album: You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

Having released several singles and eps over the last couple of years, an Estrons album was overdue. Two omitted tracks from early releases are Belfast and I’m Not Your Girl. Both are strong tracks and arguably as good as any on the album. Make A Man has been re-recorded for the album with sonic tweaks and added swearing. Opening track and lead single from the album Lilac gets the album off to a thumping start and is the best track on the album. The songs are based on singer’s Tali’s own experiences and are a reflection of what life’s like in your teens and twenties.

Sex, identity, relationships, making sense of life are what’s this album source material. Sonically, the songs are based on strong indie/punk riffs so there’s plenty of heft to get your blood and limbs moving. The pick of the other tracks are Body, which has a radio friendly chorus and Jade which sounds like a lost Skunk Anansie track. A good debut but make sure you listen to Belfast and I’m Not Your Girl too to get the full Estrons experience.

Estrons play The Green Door Store on Friday 16th November.

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