New Matt Finucane EP: Disquiet

Matt’s latest ep release.

First track, Ulterior Motives, has an almost Suede-esque vibe in that it’s sonically similar to bands in the 90s who were mining 70s rock n’ pop so it’s a sound which is rooted in past but re-interpreted but in this case twice over.

Happy Chains has a Siouxsie and Banshees/ early 80s goth sound to it.

People Move On is anchored by a fuzzy, nagging riff which runs through the track and is my favourite track here.

Always a Shadow and Dead Men Sing Us to Our Rest are the remaining tracks of the ep and our reminiscent of Luke Haines and his early bands The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder.

A strong collection of tracks here that should be played far and wide. A singular voice sharing dispatches from the margins that should be heard by more. Go buy.

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