New Wizard Sleeve EP: Special Brew

How to describe Wizard Sleeve. Wonky Blues? Skronky Blues-Rock? Metal?

Opener These Days is a wonky blues song that mutates into blues-rock towards the end.

Paddy is a more straightforward rocker as guitars crunch and drums are pounded and cymbals abused but still has quieter bluesy passages. Cool soloing too.

Poseidon’s Cat, like Paddy, starts quietly and slowly but builds into a rocker with howling solos and an insistent buzzy riff which leads into a doomesque finale.

Come & Go is the final track and starts as a more subdued blues rocker a la 70s Deep Purple then the pace picks up then slows down again. Like Squig, Wizard Sleeve have lots of ideas and more often than not they get it right to create a sound which references the past, particularly the late 60s/early 70s but is very much their own. Headbang to this!

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