Gig Review: Deadbeat Disco with Pussyliquor/School Disco/Glitter Piss/Young Francis – The Richmond, Thursday 25th October 2018

A quartet of bands for zero pounds you say… Can’t argue with that. So to The Richmond I ventured which has returned to its roots recently as a music venue. With Sticky Mikes Frog Bar closing at the end of the year, it helps Brighton independent music scene to have new small venues coming online but let’s hope venue closure isn’t a trend on the rise in the city.

Brighton’s reigning party starter opened proceedings. One Man Punk Band Young Francis is punk and powerpop boiled down to its key constituents; riffs and harmony. Behind his shades, the quips and chords kept coming throughout his set. Finishing with his now traditional party piece of giving the audience percussion to bang along with, he left on a high.

Glitter Piss‘s demo has been on heavy rotation at PIB towers so was looking forward to seeing them live. They didn’t disappoint. Punk n roll is probably the best way to describe their sound. Throwing in a very good cover of New Rose by The Damned into their set was cool but their own material is strong enough that covers won’t be needed much longer.

School Disco was new to me. Psych-garage with doom/metal elements. Slightly out of place with a line up which was predominantly punk/punk inspired they nonetheless made a groovy din and made some new friends tonight.

Pussyliquor I first saw eighteen months ago at The Green Door Store. Songs and stage presence to burn, they were going places then. Fast forward to a chilly October 2018… With their first ep released and the next release due in December, Pussyliquor has been busy. They’ve kept their rabble-rousing vibe but have upped the songs to another level. Arguably Brighton’s best punk band at the moment.


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