Gig Review by Jobi Jones: The Chats/The Cavemen, Latest Music Bar, Monday 29th October 2018

It’s the second sold out night in a row here at The Latest Music Bar Brighton and the final night of The Chats UK tour accompanied by their support band, The Cavemen.

Most people might know The Chats from their viral video clip of their song ‘Smoko’ but the young, energetic, three piece garage punk band hailing from the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia have quite a following and it shows here tonight.

Support on this tour is The Cavemen, originally from New Zealand but relocating to London a couple of years ago they warm up the crowd with a solid set consisting of a punk influenced rock and roll style putting on a lively performance they proved to be more than decent openers and amped up the crowd sufficiently for the headliners.

The Chats took the stage immediately bantering with the crowd to the point where bassist and vocalist Eamon pretended to walk off stage and back on again before belting out their first song of the night ‘Nambored’. The beer and banter continued to fly throughout the set as well as the crowd pleasing tunes everyone seemed to know all the word to. Up until they announced the last song and said they wont come back out for any encore, the crowd insisted on chanting so they came out and played two more belters and left swearing at everyone in true Aussie fashion and good night had by all.

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