Gig Review: Estrons/Lucia/Berries, The Green Door Store, Friday 16th November 2018

Having been at The Green Door Store the previous night for a gig where electronic music was to the fore, tonight was all about the primacy of the guitar.

Openers, Berries were new to me. A trio playing modern rock music. Toes were tapping and heads bobbing which is a good sign that what we’re hearing was good, catchy rock music. Ones to keep an eye on. Reminiscent of Veni Vidi Vici at times.

Lucia was on next. Their sound is a pop meets indie hybrid which the crowd which had begun to fill out a bit more were lapping up. Gaining coverage in what’s left of the printed music press. Singer X took to the floor towards the end of their set. Their sound gives them a good chance of making headway commercially and bigger venues than the Green Door Store surely beckon.

Having seen them support Slaves at the same venue a couple of years ago and a few times since in other Brighton venue Estrons have grown as a band in terms of stage presence.  With the release of their debut album, ‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough’ they’ve taken the best of their earlier singles and eps and added to it. Tali is a compelling front person and this helps in making their music stand out in a live setting. As tonight’s gig was sold out this was a testament to their appeal and the fervor that a lot of tonight’s crowd were expressing meant at times the gig felt like a pop concert.

Estrons are on the ascendency and it’ll be interesting to see how far they can go…

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