New Joanna Jacobs EP: Leopard Spots & Polkadots

Joanna Jacobs, a new artist with a sound which the best of the past. Leopard Spots & Polkadots is a four-track collection. Joanna’s sound is based on rockabilly which showcases her guitar playing and uses a drum machine to give a spare rhythmic sound which allows her voice and guitar to take centre stage.

The opener, Bad at Being Good, is a mid-paced groover with an insistent riff. Cross My Heart follows in a similar vein. Mr. Honey Pot is this writer’s favourite of the four tracks. The song gives Joanna a chance to showcase her vocal roar. Broken Heart Gang closes the ep with a meditation to heartbreak and loss. A strong collection of songs from an emerging talent.

Let’s hope there’s new material soon. One to keep an eye on.

FFO: Rockabilly/The Cramps/The Raveonettes

Leopard Spots & Polkadots is available to stream and download via major services.

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