Gig Review: Lazybones/Holyglam/Two Tribes/Demonstrations, The Hope & Ruin, Wednesday 20th February 2019

Four bands, three new to this reviewer. Up first Demonstrations. A trio delivering college rock meets post-punk with a bit of grunge for good measure too. Ones to look out for.

Two Tribes were sonically very different to Demonstrations. A mutant disco sound which was electro/tribal, so referenced early 80s alternative New York. They got people moving and I’m sure we will hear more for them soon. Bonus points, of a kind awarded to the heroically drunk of man of advancing years who was dancing and shape busting near the stage during their set.

Holyglam were the main support band for the evening and played the part to a tee. A bit MC5-ish with added space rock they rocked out. Shapes were pulled, head banging happened. All the things that a lot of bands don’t do as they think they’re too cool for school. Recommended.

Lazybones have been garnering radio play on Radio One and Kerrang and it’s not difficult to see why. An organ driven rock sound but with a pop savvy line in lyrics they come across a retooled Royal Blood. Their 30 minute set was all action. Playing tracks from newly released ep, ‘Bang! Bang!‘ they sounded muscular but with hooky lyrics that wormed their way into your subconscious. Best set seen in Brighton this year and I’m sure it’ll be near the top come the end of the year. Brilliant.

Four bands all worthy of further investigation but Lazybones and Holyglam are very much the definitive articles now and should be seen live sooner rather than later!

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