New Blood Red Shoes Album: Get Tragic

After a hiatus, Blood Red Shoes are back with a new album and a new sound. Whilst keeping the rock sound they’ve added electronic and synth touches, so in part, they sound like a rockier Goldfrapp or Blood Honey. The lead single, Mexican Dress has a crunchy riff which with the aforementioned electro additions coming on like Royal Blood if they’d changed their singer.

Three of the tracks are collaborations and of them, Nearer, with The Wytches is the strongest as it blends the two sounds (rock/electro) together rather than random synth embellishments which on some of the tracks doesn’t work or add much to the songs.

After a long time away, Blood Red Shoes have made a solid to good album rather than a great one. To return they needed a new(er) sound. It’s to be seen whether it’s the last chapter of their story or the first page in a new book.

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