Gig Review: Human Leather/DKH/Herd Mover, East Street Tap, Saturday 2nd March 2019

Three bands for nada to help celebrate and launch Human Leather‘s album ‘Succulent‘, upstairs at the East Street Tap. Perfect for moshing and the louder rock/metal elements of the Brighton scene.

First on are Herd Mover, a trio. The singer stands next to the crowd and roars and screeches in equal measure whilst his veins pulse. The drummer was a human metronome keeping the beat but at a bpm which at times would have put a gabba tune to shame. Math core meets traditional doom is an attempt to describe what I heard.

Middle of the bill was DKH. Sludgy Hardcore was what they brought to the party. Best headbanging of the night goes to the long haired guitarist. Long hair maketh the headbanger! The room grew more filled as Human Leather got ready to play.

Human Leather had a new release to promote, ‘Succulent‘ (reviewed in Issue 12). A duo of Tom on drums and Amie on guitar. A rammed room made seeing them difficult but hearing them… no problem. Heavy piled upon heavy. Can we turn it up louder? No problem! The sound of two people making enough noise for twenty. Party hats and colour bunting made it feel like being at a kids’ party gone awry.

Three bands representing the heavier spectrum of Brighton’s music scene. On a night where the gig goer had multiple choices, the promise of heavier delights drew many to East Street. They made the right choice.

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