Gig Review: Tundra Love/Guru/Murmur/Dreamwave, The Green Door Store, Tuesday 12th March 2019

Four bands for free. On the night where another Brexit vote came and went, a night of gratis entertainment was much appreciated and the way the UK is going is all we can afford today and perhaps tomorrow.

Dreamwave got the honour of opening and took us on a journey of rock from light and jazzy prog through to space rock via doom. The heavier they got, the better it got. Heads were bobbing and rightly so. A great start to the evening.

Murmur were up next and are grunge. Unequivocally and unapologetically. They mined this sound. Grunge has many practitioners in Brighton, but Murmur are near the top.

Guru feel like a hardcore band rhythm section welded to a guitar hero from the 1960s with a singer with pop moves who sings punk rock. That sounds a mess but they take these disparate elements and make it work to thrilling effect. Catchy songs with a performance to match. Go see them. You can thank me later.

Tundra Love were headlining and had their debut single to promote. A blues/desert rock sound issued forth. Driving with purpose but with light and shade to contrast with the heaviness. If Sabbath stayed Blues Rock rather than inventing Heavy Metal then they might have sounded like Tundra Love. Recommended.

The world of rock is in fine fettle evidenced on the bands who played tonight.

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