Gig Review: Amyl And The Sniffers/Truman Dinosaur, The Haunt, Sunday 7th April 2019

After making an initial bang in Brighton at last year’s Great Escape, Amyl And The Sniffers are back again with a new album due out shortly. Through no help from the venue, I used prior experience and guesswork and surmised that the support band would be on about 8 and Amyl about 9. I was right.

Truman Dinosaur. A new band to me. Sort of Indie, sort of Rock. Unfortunately, sort of didn’t fit with the headline act. In a city full of cool punk, rock or garage bands, a better fit could have been found. I’m sure with a more sympathetic booking they are a good band but not right for this show.

When Amyl And The Sniffers came to the stage, The Haunt was rammed. Long hairs, short hairs, and no hairs were present. For those who hadn’t heard them, think a female fronted early AC/DC with added punk snot. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap? Fuck yeah! Seeing Charlie Harper at the bar was a good indicator of a band worth seeing. Like their singer, their songs are short and to the point. 45 minutes was what was given and we got a lot of songs within it. Barroom rock to chug along to. Good job all round and appetite whetted for the new album. As to whether you’ll see them in a small venue again in Brighton, time will tell…

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