New Matt Finucane Album: Vanishing Island

Having covered Matt’s releases and gigs since the very early days of Plugged In Brighton (our zine cover star way back on Issue 2!) it always with expectation when we receive his latest release. We had an early taste via the pop-esque ‘Perilous Seat‘ released as a single already.

The remainder of the album veers towards strangeness and discord. The Fall as a reference point would be fair to say looms large here but Matt takes this as a starting point and adds his own imprint on music which clatters and splutters but is his own as he imbues the songs with sonic touches that steer us into hinterlands and shadowy worlds.

This collection confirms Matt’s status as a musical adventurer exploring and creating music which is familiar at first listen but yields results and nuances with repeated listens. Recommended.

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