Sleaford Mods/Liines – De La Warr Pavilion. 20/04/19


Slightly stretching the geographic boundaries of where PIB normally reviews, a sunny train journey has taken us to Bexhill. A sold out or as near as crowd expectantly await Sleaford Mods. First, tonight’s support act is Liines, a trio with an Indie-rock sound with a heavy amount of post-punk added for good measure too. Well received by a crowd that built during their set, I hope to hear/see them again soon.

If the Sleaford Mods are unfamiliar to you, a short and lazy description is a man presses a button on his laptop to make a sound whilst his mate shouts over the top. Stream of consciousness meets the absurd and mundane is what their lyrics are comprised of. Enter The Payzone from their latest album, Eton Alive, opens their set and sets the tone for the next eighty minutes. To a clattering soundtrack activated by the aforementioned laptop, frontman Jason emotes, flounces and dances all over the stage like a post-modern vaudevillian whilst talk-speaking the lyrics. Like all Mods, the Sleaford variety enjoyed their bank holiday weekend by the seaside and so did those in attendance. These mods are for life, not just for Bank Holidays.

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