Chris Sez: Girls To The Front, Boys To The Back (And Anyone Over 6′ Too!)

Gig-going is brilliant innit? Cool music, hanging out with your friends, having a beer/soft drink/water (delete as applicable), generally having a good time. In the way that many bands and promoters try to create inclusive environments at concerts for our trans, female, queer and non-gender binary friends, I’d like to introduce a new positive discrimination idea… No-one over 6′ standing right at the front in gigs…

Some of you might say, hey that’s not fair! Brighton is, at the moment, blessed with small size venues putting on new and up and coming bands. The upshot of this is when venues are full (which we want them to be so they can survive and hopefully thrive) it can be difficult to see bands when our loftier friends are standing right near the stage. I’m not proposing that taller gig-goers should stand at the back but not within say 6′ of the stage. That way everyone has a chance or seeing and hearing the band on stage. What do you think?

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