Gig Review: W H Lung/Frost, The Green Door Store,Wednesday 15th May 2019

A sold-out Green Door Store less than a week after The Great Escape indicates a band on the ascendancy are playing. W H Lung has garnered plaudits for their debut album, Incidental Music which, if you haven’t heard it, you should, blends 80s synthpop with psych.

Supporting them tonight was Brighton based, Frost. A trio, all of whom play synths and keys (and occasionally the bass) with the two female members singing lead and back up. The first few songs were mid-paced but when they got to the faster material, their qualities were more easy to understand. Taking the motorik beat and adding ethereal vocals it was reminiscent of Supernatural era Goldfrapp as it was a dance floor friendly sound through a decidedly European synthpop filter with several songs in French.   A cover of Tears for Fears Shout worked well. There’s an album out too. Worth a listen.

WH Lung has been garnering ink print and word count from the music press of late. With a live band playing keyboards and traditional rock band instruments, it was to be seen what the live arena would add or deduct from their album’s songs. They stormed it. With a frontman who’s jittery, almost kabuki-esque movements and ticks give the evening a surreal feel. Ones to watch and seek out!

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