Gig Review: Great Escape/Alt Escape: One Inch Badge x Rockfeedback, The Haunt, Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May

The music industry’s annual shindig by the sea is back, bigger than ever.

As well as The Great Escape itself we have The Alternative Escape, its free sibling, and lots and lots of other unaffiliated gigs and showcases in every nook and cranny. You can take in a lot of bands in three or so days if you’re of a mind too.

Thursday 9th May:

  • Steam Down: It was a gentle jazzy start to the day. With other UK jazz aligned bands making their mark, it may be difficult for them to do so. However, points awarded for leading an audience dance mid-concert though.
    The audience started to grow. The pull of free lager wasn’t quite strong enough to get people in the venue pre-midday. Rock n Roll eh?
  • Millie Turner: A sound reminiscent of Pixx meets Torres but more poppy. After 1pm, the punters are awake and The Haunt looks half full at least.
  • Chai: They were great. K-Pop with punk bits and synchronized dancing.
  • Marika Hackman: Grunge referencing but with enough nuance to make it sound fresh.

10th May:

  • Dry Cleaning: Black Box Recorder meets post punk/80s sound. FFO 90s Indie.>/li>
  • Kojaque: Hip Hop…via Dublin. Garnered a strong response from the crowd.
  • Just Mustard: Indie rock with added Mazzy Star but also the Loud/Quiet dynamics of My Bloody Valentine.
  • Pottery: Think 60s garage rock and bubblegum pop mixed in a technicolour pot and that’s what Pottery is like. A welcome discovery.
  • Pigs x 7: Worshipping at the altar of Sabbath, we got wave upon wave of doom. Potentially a band to take metal back into the musical mainstream. Recommended.

Over the two days, we got served a good cross section of bands on the rise and Pigs x 7, Pottery and Chai definitely are ones to see when they come into Brighton again. Same time next year?

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