New m butterfly Album: Live @ The Evening Star

In a similar guerilla way to the new The Family Grave release, we have another live recording from an artist whose music can be described as Americana meets alt-country. Using mobile ‘phone technology we have a warts and all record of his gig at The Evening Star (30/06/19). A field recording works well in this instance as it gives an additional ambiance and context to a piece of spare and sparse music. Coughs, laughs, clanging and hubbub added but what about the music?

Bughunt is vox and percussion.  The beat without embellishment gives it a work song feel, toiling in the fields to the hand-clapped rhythm.

Family Dog; the percussion is swapped for piano.

Staying on the keys,‘Poison Witch Tree’ relates to a childhood story based on a tree absorbing evil but is more about memory and revisiting our past. Seeing change.

From A Waltz In Greyscale to Flowers From Hell we have guitar accompanied songs where the country influences shine through.

Diamond Mist; The guitar is swapped for keys and has a moody atmosphere but is pretty in a bittersweet way.

Prime is the closer. Sounding in places like a lost Bad Seeds ballad.

Vocally plaintive but strong in a quiet, understated way, m. butterfly is an artist to enjoy and bathe in and consequently rewards multiple listens to. By having a mix of guitar and piano accompanied tracks, this gives a balanced recording but the opening Bughunt Gigging locally often and with regular releases too, he’s here to stay. With m. butterfly and other artists, Brighton is well served with artists who are bringing reflective, thoughtful music which works well as a counterpoint to a local music scene which seems to be enthralled with the latest skinny jean wearing indie band or superstar DJ. Let’s be greedy and support all types of music, so we have choices. Big Beat and Big Easy, there’s room for all!

For alt-country and Americana fans, here’s something new to enjoy. For rock fans wanting to try something different, why not this. Recommended.

Available on Bandcamp.

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