Gig Review: The Gallerys/Holly Henderson/Kwyet, The Green Door Store, Thursday 4th July.

Three bands who were new to me was what on offer at The Green Door Store tonight. After a smiley face is added to the back of my hand to show I’ve paid, onto the music.

Tonight’s opening band were Kwyet. A funky rock hybrid sound was the order of the day. The singer prowled around the stage and jumped onto the dancefloor towards the end. I’m sure we will see more of them in a Brighton venue sooner rather than later.

Holly Henderson’s soulful indie pop/rock was next. A cover of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was well received. Flicking the switch to go from soulful pop to flat out rocking shows they have chops to spare. With a designated singer providing backing vocals this gives them a two-pronged attack vocally and a full sound. Thirty minutes flew by. If a band who I knew nothing about could own a mid-bill spot on a Thursday night, they are the ones to keep an eye on.

Headliners, The Gallerys were last on.

On American Independence Day, The Gallerys sound is resolutely British with its parentage being shared between 60s guitar pop, The Kinks, 70s mod revivalism, The Jam, and 1990s Britpop, Oasis. Rock with a pop sensibility. There is a small scene of bands who share the same musical DNA as The Gallerys. The Spitfires and Brighton’s own Dirt Royal being two who come to mind. Britpop/Oasis’ heyday was 25 plus years ago and bands who were young or not even glints in their parents’ eyes are taking the template and using it to make new music.

A trio who can all sing lead and harmonise is a gift they use to effect. They are full of energy and dry wit which keeps the crowd bouncing from beginning to the end. Throwing in a reworking of The Stones The Last Time as the penultimate number of their set was a nod to the past but their own material is strong enough for covers not to be needed. Great fun and a band I want to see again sooner rather than later.

Three bands. Three good sets. Three is the magic number. Also, I left with two smiley faces.

The Gallerys
Holly Henderson

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