New The International Debt EP – Insect Exercise

If you’re already a fan of The International Debt via their Facebook page, you might be expecting something completely different to “three people playing simple instruments”.

For three people they are but the slash and grab of this rather tasty post-punk outfit is anything but normal. To be honest, it doesn’t get any stronger than this, their debut EP.

From the strutting, fat riffs of opener When I Say us … I Mean You, through the heavy US college vibe of Debt Doesn’t Sleep (shades of Pixies meet Nirvana in here), to the angular path of Kepler – 16b (a little nod to The Fall along the way!), and finally resting in the big, ugly, fuzzy, sneery, apocalyptic Doom riffs of Satan Over Sussex this is a must and a half.

The EP “Insect Exercise” is available via the group’s Bandcamp. Get this!
FFO: Dog Of Man, Human Leather, The Fall, The Pixies.

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