Gig Review: Slady/The Hoodniks, The Prince Albert, Saturday 2nd June 2019

Slade legend Jim Lea once said that the iconic sound on their records came about from hearing the female fans in the audience as the band was in the wings waiting to go on stage. The girls stomping their feet and clapping their hands became the sound of the band on stage. And so it is with Slady.

Because you could pay to see the current incarnation of Slade without Noddy. Or you could listen to Noddy without Slade. Or you could listen to the full 70s Slade experience but with a millennial twist – no longer the girls in the crowd but the band on stage.

Gobby Holder. Davina Hill. Donna Powell. Jem Lea. Get down. Get with them. Slady! Slady! Slady!

The Albert is no stranger to maximum sweat and apocalyptic noise levels and the girls gave that back in spades. You want Cum On Feel The Noize? Check. You want Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me? Sorted. You want to Get Down And Get With It? Bostin!

The near-capacity crowd was slightly older and the nostalgia broke in waves of singing, dancing, stomping, and sheer bloody joy. Lead singer Holder (Danie Centric of The Featherz) gave a lusty performance despite throat problems, but that only added to the Noddy vibe.

By the sweaty, glittery, footsore but smile wide end of it all the crowd was practically baying for more – and more will indeed be had in December when Slady returns to Brighton. Get your lungs and lips ready for a chorus or several of Merry Christmas Everybody, and get your ticket quick!

Support band The Hoodniks also gave their all with some swampy, spacey surf rock and roll. If the hotly anticipated Slady weren’t enough to get the crowd warmed and primed, The Hoodniks whipped them into a suitably retro-tinged frenzy. Keep an eye on them!

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