Chris Sez: Pop Goes The Weasel!

Gig-going is thirsty work and sometimes you can’t enjoy a cold beer. What do you do?

Maybe you have a juice or a soft drink… My preference is a diet coke (other soft drinks available). The price of a can of the aforementioned beverage has varied in recent times between £1.50 to £2.50 and over £4 for a pint via the tap dependent on which venue I’ve been in. Venues are businesses and to stay in business they need to make a profit.

However, there is a fine line between doing this and the cost being distortedly high.

Whilst drink distributors and taxation undoubtedly affect the price, it feels painful to pay up to eight times the price for the same item you can purchase at your local supermarket.

What do you think? Are pop prices too high? Who’s to blame? Venues? Drink Distributors? The Government?

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