New Single Release: Sit Down – Feel It

Fans of Sit Down will know and love their punky, alt-rock sensibilities well. The Plugged In Brighton crew are certainly no strangers to that vibe – we’ve enjoyed them both live and in music form over the last couple of years.

But it’s this quiet, reflective, one-off release Feel It that ironically speaks louder for us.

Released as part of the band’s short hiatus this is a potential look into their musical future as it’s a totally different flavour to what’s gone before. Frankly, we all have those moments where you just need to sit the fuck down and have a think about shit.

Dreamy Shoegaze dances with 80s psych and then crashes into noisy rock from time to time. There are touches of catharsis, swathes of instrumentation, hushed and almost imperceptible lyrics. “Leave your worries, woes and mortal form at the door,” says the band on their Facebook page. “Enter a throng of souls who have gathered for the same reason. Let the raw, blistering power of music flood all your senses and exorcise your demons together.”

That’s a hell of a Sit Down, no? Listen to this with an open mind and enjoy the ride. Recommended.



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