New Guru Disques Compilation Release – Blood Feasts And Bad Tapes. Vol 1

11 tracks, six Brighton based bands, courtesy of Guru Disques. Noise of all kinds is the order of the day as it should be every day. Human Leather top and tail the compilation. The sludgy duo abuses their instruments with a disdain that is to be admired and slightly scared of. Opener When you’re so boring you have to impress people with inanimate objects gets the compilation off to a suitably heavy start with Hell being scoured for noises to frighten those of a nervous disposition.

Embet Henx described themselves as twisted rock and that description saves me from thinking of a similar turn of phrase. The music grooves, thunders and goes in a million directions all at the same time. Yes!

Negative Measures brings hardcore meets punk vibes to the party to such a degree I wanted to start a moshpit in the kitchen whilst do the washing up. Music to vent too!

Big Slammu is weird, well weird with a capital W to give them their due. Post-punk with time-changes to spare, it often feels like several songs welded together. Spasming funk with rock elements maybe explains their sound a little better. Danceable oddities.  Lend them your ears.

Troll Mother has one track here rather than two as the other bands do but as it comes in at a horse choking 11 plus minutes that seems a fair trade-off. Old school metal clangs and bangs in cacophony with weird spoken-word passages running through it offering a respite from the riffage. Dust off the battle vest and headbang for all that you’re worth to this. Free the dandruff!

Ill In Pain. Like Hardcore? Like Metalcore? Like Extreme Metal? Answering yes to all three then Ill in Pain are you! You can feel the spit flying out of the singer’s mouth whilst sinews strain and muscles groan whilst heavy sounds emanate from the band. Evil!

Guru Disques have done the Brighton scene a major favour by compiling six bands to give you an overview of what is heavy and different in our fair city. The sewers have been dredged and gold has been found in amongst the sweet wrappers and empty beer cans. Highly recommended.

Available on Bandcamp

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