New Hatter Single Release – Check In

You packed the suitcase. You applied the suntan lotion. You got your passport stamped. You bought a coffee. And now you sit in the check-in lounge with your boarding pass in your hand and you wait for your seat number. And there’s that moment, that brief pause when you breathe out and you know that you’re about to go on holiday.

Hatter switches things up here with Check In and captures that tingle of anticipation.

Musically, it’s a departure from his usual strident rhymes and beats with a smooth, lazy, jazzy 90s feel to it. Summer, summer, summertime, indeed.

Check In is about capturing the feeling of anticipation before you catch a flight and go on holiday with your people,” explains Hatter. “The carefree feeling of being in another country and living luxuriously.”

No matter then whether you’re flying off to hotter climes, or hanging out on your urban balcony, sit back, chill out, and luxuriate in this cool tune.

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