New Cockwomble Album – Self Titled

What’s going on in Britain today?

Cockwombles – the slang term used to describe a fool.

BREXIT, dodgy politicians and a general sense of dread enabled by people who should know better selling other peoples tomorrows for their todays. Where’s punk when you need it?

Enter Cockwomble. Singular.

The band released three eps over the last year or so – prolific! – Henchmen, Conspiracy, and All of the Money! None of the Style!. This new album partly comprises six tracks from these earlier eps and four brand new tracks.

Lyrically, the album has in its sights the aforementioned cockwombles in power, those who trade in bigotry, monoculture and others with clay feet. Of the earlier tracks taken from the ep releases, the three best are:

  • Radio 1: which bemoans the power of the station in promoting a very limited amount of music to the detriment of what is available
  • Want Stuff, Buy Stuff: bemoans commercialism as a road leading to nowhere
  • Henry XXXXXV: holds a mirror up to the British royal family.

Of the four new tracks:

  • Gammon: is not a tribute to the meat-based delicacy but a diatribe against those who feel the need to label and argue continually.
  • Britain FC: taps into the BREXIT condition where past glories are being held onto too tightly and being used as a rationale for destroying others futures.
  • Threads: tackles mental health issues
  • Better Than You: is the album closer.

Musically, the band are a distillation of punk-pop, UK82 punk and in some of the newer tracks in part, indie rock/college rock. This Cockwomble is only so in name only. Recommended.

Self Titled is available now:

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