Gig Review: Pascagøula/NEWTS/Yuxa/Viaduct – The Prince Albert, Tuesday 30th July.

After the sun-soaked and heat drenched last few days, the British Summer reverted back to normal and blessed Brighton with squally showers and dark clouds. Upstairs at The Prince Albert, four bands with Brighton (and Worthing) connections were about to deliver their own Sturm und Drang.

Headliners Pascagøula had their own Bez for one night only. Father Time after imbibing with his good friend Bacchus needed a fix of filth encrusted, noisy as fuck rock so he headed upstairs in The Albert and he made the right choice. Danger to self and others is perhaps an odd way to sell the merits of a band but that’s part of the appeal here.

Singer Ross prowls the stage with evil intent and more often then not jumps onto the dancefloor to continue the debasement with the microphone doubling as the weapon of choice, tattooing himself with it and warding those away who are brave or foolhardy enough to get too close.

Getting back to the music, its heavy, noisy, discordant but in a dysfunctional way has a groove which has similarities to Jesus Lizard among other bands from the late 80s/early 90s American Alt scene. Thirty minutes come and go very quickly. A revelation.

It looks like their next gigs mightn’t be anytime soon which is a shame but crossing fingers and toes we will see them soon.

Main support NEWTS are hardcore with sludge and doom hanging around, busting for a fight. The songs are short sonic sirens of muscular guitar riffs jostling with heavy bass and cacophonous drums. A drollness is evident which referenced their parents and Princess Diana in-between song banter. Dry humour plus fast and heavy music equals a band to watch.

Yuxa brought large swathes of doom and metal. Elephants wading through rivers of tar and molasses is what they brought to mind and a love for dialling up the volume to eleven. Like the best extreme music, they had a groove which added another tasty element to their sound.

Openers Viaduct brought a hardcore sound sweetened with 80s Indie elements. Mixing non-ep tracks with tracks from the new release they gave a good account of themselves. A palate cleanser for what was to come.

When Pascagøula finishes and thanks Father Time for his impromptu performance, I traipse outside. The weather has cleared. Tonight’s bands were that powerful. Go see all four bands but make sure you wear ear protection. Live is loud!

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