Chris Sez: Phoney Baloney

Smartphones. Scourge of the modern age or the greatest thing since sliced bread. Dependent on where you stand, the following words may be a bit strong…

If I ruled the land, the following rules for ‘phone use at gigs would apply. You can take as many pictures, selfies, and videos during a band’s first song of their set. Any other ‘phone-based activity can be done outside.

Maybe that seems a bit extreme but the amount of gigs I’ve been to where the ‘phone has become a substitute eye and/or people droning tedious babble to a disembodied voice mouthing equally vacuous guff at a volume loud enough for Brian Blessed to be embarrassed is enough. You’re at a gig. Take a few pics then enjoy the music; dance, mosh, headbang, shuffle, stare at the floor, whatever you like but save the ‘phone for the other 22 hours in the day.

That’s my view but what do you think?

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