New Single Release – Morphers.

Who are Morphers?

Fact: they were the four-piece support I saw with Dirt Royal last Summer. Fact: they’re now a more compact trio. Fact: Lampin is their first release from a busy studio session.

Deep Fact: they’re cunning little shapeshifters going across genres to take what they like for their hybrid rock sound.

Fizzy grunge riffs fight for attention with phased psych influenced vocals giving the track the feel of the lost link between garage rock, punk and grunge as it takes a bit of each and casts something new but familiar. A short adrenaline rush that’s done and dusted in under three minutes. Though they’ve slimmed down in terms of personnel they’ve kept their fat rock sound.

With recorded material ready to go, let’s see where Morphers go. Ones to watch.

FFO: Skinny Milk, Dirt Royal

Lampin is available across digital platforms:

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