Gig Review: An Alternative Music Pride?

So where were the LGBTQ+ artists at Brighton Pride this year?

A mere two years ago the Pet Shops Boys headlined at Preston Park over the Pride Weekend. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t suggest that Brighton Pride changes its booking policy to a vehemently non-pop one to facilitate Brighton LGBTQ artists. However, it’s wrong to suggest LGBTQ music begins and ends with Pop and Dance with occasional Showtunes in the mix.

Brighton has homegrown acts worthy of any showcase as part of the main Pride celebrations. Crysi de Milo (Silistra) and Oli Spleen (Pink Narcissus, Spleen) are long-standing musicians in this city and both have played at Trans Pride events and at events I have promoted. Newer bands and artists include Georgie Femme (who played on the BIMM stage at LOVEBN1 Fest this year) and Rebel Without A Coat amongst others.

Whilst Pride and Pop do go hand in hand it wouldn’t hurt them to try something less exclusive and introduce acts who are non-pop and are part of Brighton’s LGTBQ community. Preston Park is large enough to accommodate all. An Introducing Brighton LGBTQ tent perhaps? There’s a challenge to the Pride Committee for 2020!

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