New Music Review: Vivian Clarke – dtvxxx

Repetition, repetition, repetition is the stock and trade of Vivian Clarke. Dtvxxx is the name of their new two-track release. It shares similarities with his previous release, fire, walk with me (reviewed on this site).

Dtv740 has an almost twee synthpop intro before changing into buzzy repetition with a treated vocal which loops and more synth and breakbeats are added on top.

Dtv741 is being in the middle of a migraine with Nine Inch Nails playing in one ear and generic pop in the other. The industrial elements lessen as the track progresses as what remains is the vocal.

Delving backwards to look forward, this release takes the template of hypnagogic pop which uses the familiarity of the past to create a feeling of nostalgia but builds it in such a way that the memory is false and unsettling and the music whilst built from familiar sounds becomes unworldly almost near future dystopian. Past artists such as Psychic TV and Coil are parents to this sound and currently, TVAM is taking the 80s in terms of sound and presentation and rendering it anew but wrong. Vivian Clarke is part of this family tree. The fruit it bears is simultaneously sweet and sharp. Wanna bite?

FFO: Psychic TV, Coil, TVAM

Dtvxxx is available on Bandcamp.

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