New Across The Sea Single – Behind The Looking Glass

I know you remember that moment. Beer-stained, sweaty, a little out of breath, and the DJ slammed The Sisters of Mercy down and you got ready to lose your mind.

And then Ofra Haza started to sing.

“The fuck is this?” you yelled. “The actual fuck is this?”

It fucking snaked and blistered and seduced is what it was. And so it is with Across The Sea, a progressive duo from Worthing who feature some pretty diverse influences in their latest release, Behind The Looking Glass.

If you took the smoke of All About Eve and the sustain of Clannad you’d be on the right lines but yet the pared-down voice and guitar of Across The Sea offers a new solace.

Flamenco flourishes twist and turn into pastoral prog rock and folk, the vocals are ethereal and dreamlike, the guitars strident, yet playful.

Here at Plugged in Brighton, we like to throw a little Ofra Haza into The Sisters of Mercy mix from time to time. Try something a little different.

Across The Sea have an in-store at HMV Brighton on Saturday 14th August – 4pm.
Across The Sea: Facebook

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