Chris Sez: Show Me The Money!

Bands, gig-goers, and friends of bands know it’s tough.

Trying to make your way when you’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your equipment to get a gig where you may get a few quid and some beers.

When you’ve got a small following you think about band merch. Trendy tees, bonza badges, cool CDs, you get the gist. I love merch and when funds allow I’ll put my money on the table. However, near the top of the Chris Sez bugbears is unstaffed merch tables.


How can I give you my money if there is no one there to take it? Besides not making the sale there are reported instances at gigs where merch and cash have been unfortunately stolen.  If you see me at a gig, ask me and I’ll man it for fifteen minutes!

Bands, and I know it’s not all bands, help yourself make that sale and promote your band. Get your mates to help.

What do you think?

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