New Gutter Knife Album – Boots on the Ground

Punk’s not dead? M’Lud I reference the new Gutter Knife release, Boots on the Ground as proof. Following on from the Demo and Euro Promo 18 releases we have eight new tracks to abuse our ears with.

Coming from the hinterland between UK82 and Hardcore, the tracks here rip through time as short, sharp bursts of guitar, bass, drums and vox pummel you into submission. You just about catch your breath and the onslaught is on you again.

Most of the tracks are sub-two minutes but closer and title track ‘Boots on the Ground’ is a comparatively lengthy three minutes plus and this allows for an appreciation of their musical merits beyond breakneck riffs and rough urchin vocals.

When society is at its lowest ebb, Punk is at its strongest and most relevant. As the UK picks at its own self inflicted wounds caused by the most powerful for their own gain, Punk is often the lone voice calling them to account. Gutter Knife is part of this solitary chorus. Justice? No son, Just Us!

Track List:

  • Intro
  • Hangman
  • Turncoat
  • Abuse of Power
  • Imposter
  • No Justice
  • Revenge
  • Boots on the Ground

Available on Bandcamp

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