Top Three Gigs of 2019 (so far..)

As Summer draws to its conclusion, Plugged In Brighton’s top three gigs of 2019 (so far..) are:

Nestter Donuts/Grand Guru/Young Francis/La Paquena Em/Miffy – The Pipeline, Saturday 16th February 2019

A night featuring Flamenco Punk, Suicide’s bastard love child, a wrestler brandishing a ukelele, Brighton’s premier one-man band and punky balladry. Add bodily fluids and booze freely flowing and you have the best gig in Brighton this year. What can top it in the rest of 2019? Keep reading Plugged In Brighton to find out…

Pascagøula/NEWTS/Yuxa/Viaduct – The Prince Albert, Tuesday 30th July

Ear-splitting volume with added Bacchus induced dancing from Father Time. A night where punk, metal, sludge and doom met. Gimme danger!

The Residents – St George’s Church, Thursday 7th February 2019

Where church was cool and The Residents were red hot.

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