New Blackened EP – Hope Enough

Whilst Brighton is bathed in Sunshine, Blackened are hiding behind drawn curtains to keep the rays at bay. Hope Enough is a four-track EP.

Dark Ambient noise collides with ethereal vocals which are reminiscent of Torres and Pixx in that they are honeyed but with an edge of longing and dread to make the sugar rush bittersweet.

Distortion and half-heard sounds are Blackened tools and with these they have made a Goth friendly sound for today but which has an ancestry in 1970s and 1980s Electronic Music and the less harsh elements of the Industrial sound (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil) Blackened fit within Witch House in terms of a musical and visual aesthetic which is occult-themed dark electronic music.

Let’s hope there’s more to follow. If you prefer the darkness to the light, venture forth.


  • Hope Enough – Breathy ambient drone
  • Disappearing Act – Clattering electronica
  • Moment – Distorted longing
  • Lights Follow – Danceable malfunction

Hope Enough is available via Bandcamp

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