Gig Review – Ride (In Store/Acoustic), Resident – Monday 19th August

Resident has firmly established itself in the South Coast as the go-to retailer for in-store promotions for new releases. This week alone they are hosting four. First off it’s Ride in town to promote their fine new album, This Is Not A Safe Place with an acoustic performance.

A set of eight songs weighted heavily towards the new album with a couple from the early days to end with and forty minutes has gone in a wink of an eye. A positive vibe shone through and the new songs stand comparison with material from pre-2014. A perfect way to spend a late Summer Monday evening. Thank you Ride and thank you, Resident.

The second album since their reforming in 2014, Ride has hit their creative stride with this release. A retooled shoegaze meets Pop sound frames lyrics which are universal in theme but come with the wisdom of having lived. Recommended.


  • R.I.D.E
  • Future Love
  • Repetition
  • Kill Switch
  • Clouds of Saint Marie
  • Eternal Recurrence
  • Fifteen Minutes
  • Jump Jet
  • Dial-Up
  • End Game
  • Shadows Behind the Sun
  • In This Room

This Is Not A Safe Place is released on Wichita Recordings – click here
Also available at Resident – click here

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